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Start blogging with confidence, a system that works for you and loads of ideas to make it great!

Next Start Date: October 5 2016

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Blogging Bootcamp for Small Business

This course will teach participants the technical skills and planning skills necessary to set up a Blogging system with WordPress for their company.


This course requires the company to have an existing WordPress Website.


Successful participants will complete five main outcomes:
1- Write a Blog Post and properly add images and links to it.
2- Analyze and improve the Blog’s SEO content.
3- Share the Blog Post successfully on social media.
4- Devise a system for ongoing Blogging in their organization.
5- Create a 3-month Blog strategy and document it on a Blog calendar.


Each session will build upon the skills learned in the previous session. Participants will be evaluated based on successful completion of the 5 main learning outcomes.


This course is delivered online, with scheduled formal class times. A combination of lectures, handouts, homework assignments and online group discussion will be used. Homework is provided and questions are answered and discussed within online discussion group for course participants.
Recommended links, examples and resource materials will be covered throughout the course.


Start Date for Fall Session: October 5, 2016
Completion Date for Fall Session: November 30, 2016


Number of Sessions: 4 x 1-hour scheduled instructional sessions.

Students are expected to share their blog posts for instructor and group feedback.

Times: 11AM on course days.

Each session is comprised of lecture time and interactive discussion. Practical work will be assigned in each session, working towards the completion of class projects. The instructor will provide guidance in an online setting to assist with completion of homework tasks.

Participants will be expected to dedicate approximately 2-4 additional hours each week to complete homework tasks and recommended reading.


Tuition: $795 plus GST


Topic 1: Understanding the Blog Post Editor

  • Understanding Blogging as a Business Tool
  • Using the Blog Post Interface to Blog (WordPress and other platforms)
  • Scheduling Blog Posts for Future Dates
  • Understanding Categories and Tags
  • Working with Photos
  • Adding Links

Topic 2: Implementing Blogging in Your Business

  • Setting Up Your Blogging System
  • Setting Up a Blog Calendar
  • Scheduling Time for Blogging
  • Writing your Author Bio
  • Adding Social Share Links

Topic 3: Blogging as a Tool to Grow Your Business

  • Blogging & SEO – why Blogging matters
  • Configure SEO plugin to work for your Blog Posts
  • Analyze and Improve your Blog Post SEO Value
  • Blogging, SEO & Social Media – how they work together
  • How to Share your Blog Posts on Social Media

Topic 4: Make the Most out of Your Content

  • Learn to Share your Blogs with Email Subscribers
  • Other Ways to Use and Promote your Business via your Blog
  • Sharing your Blogs as Email Newsletters and Re-Using Your Blog Content
  • Tools for Blogging:
  • Using Free and Paid Sources for Photos
  • Using Free Online Programs for Graphic Design

Additional Costs: For those who wish to blog frequently, we will look at a premium blog calendar plugin. You may chose to subscribe to this additional service for a monthly fee.

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