Lindsay Carlson

Web Designer, Website Strategist, Copywriter
I help businesses build strategic websites. My process includes long-term planning, content strategy, helping you write your pages, technical support and training.
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My “Why.”

Your website is an investment. Shouldn’t it work as an ASSET in your business?

Have you invested a lot of money into your website, or a redesign, but you still don’t know whether it’s working for you?

Too often, I’ve worked with companies who have brand new websites. But their expensive websites aren’t turning browsers into buyers. Or maybe they have technical errors. Many times, the business owner feels “locked out” of their own site, with no plan for using their website as a marketing tool.

Businesses these days can gain so much from social media, and listing platforms like Etsy. True! But the website… the website is where the magic happens.

Your website should be as important as a new real-world location for your business. It’s a space to connect with potential customers and turn your traffic into real business.

It’s where you want visitors to say “YES! I NEED that!” and spread the word while they’re there.

And getting that website together should be a fun process — where you feel like you’re able to get what you want out of it!

My website packages are all about creating an empowering experience for my clients. I help my clients learn to control their websites, and understand how they can use them for their online marketing.

Your website is your world, your home on the web, and you create your own rules here.  Your website can make a real impact — if you know to get the most out of it.

I’m Lindsay Carlson — and I help businesses make waves with their websites.

Get a Website that Connects

I’ve spent the past 17 years in marketing, communications and business development. I’ve worked for some pretty interesting companies, including as a business reporter for a major business paper.

For more than seven of these years, I’ve been building, tweaking and strategically redesigning websites for clients. I’ve worked for solopreneurs, large companies and in partnership with other agencies (shout out to We Make Stuff Happen!).

So I get it. And I love showing people how to make their websites improve their business, and connect with their ideal customers.

Hire me directly to create your website (or makeover your site) based on getting to know YOU, your business and your customers. Then I’ll help you learn how to keep your website thriving, with my all-in support.

Do you want to know how to use your website in your business, instead of trusting this major asset in someone else’s hands?

Get some one-on-one coaching with me to learn how to make the most of your website.

Courses and Training: DIY Your Website

I’ve created a series of 1:1 training and group courses where I personally will help you learn the website skills to do everything yourselfMy courses are hands-on. I get into your site with you and help you get it figured out.

Sound like your kind of thing? Click here to check out my course descriptionsor email me here to find out about my next sessions. You can do this — make the leap!

Ready to get started?

I’ll help you figure out how we can best work together. Shoot me an email with some basic info here, to get started.

Here’s My Official Bio

Lindsay Carlson established Leap Onto the Web, a Digital Strategy, Instruction and Design Agency, in 2009.

With a passion for helping small business owners quickly get onto the web with a strong functional presence, Lindsay has developed tried and true strategies that she shares through group and one-on-one instruction.

Lindsay studied in the Professional Writing program at the University of Victoria, and has worked in marketing, journalism, business development and public relations. Recent projects include supporting the Founder of (a Non Profit Society) to build his own WordPress website, create an award-winning blog and generate over 22,000 followers.

Lindsay’s teaching style is calm, focused and practical so that anyone with a desire to have an effective online marketing presence can easily learn the basics regardless of age or technical skill.

xo Lindsay

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